Our History

Founded in 2008, Prism Content Solutions serves businesses in the United States and Canada. Our biggest footprint is in the retail, senior living, and multi-family industries. With an emphasis on customer service and technological innovation, our ultimate goal is to help companies easily optimize their content marketing strategies.

Our Team

Adam Shirley, President

Adam officially “leads” the team at Prism Content Solutions – though, by his own admission, the company has been built by “reverse Matryoshka” design. Matryoshka are Russian nesting dolls; just as each is smaller than the one that follows, each new hire, idea or development must be bigger/smarter/more user-friendly than the one that came before.

A native South Carolinian, Adam has a B.A. in economics from Furman University and 15 years of experience in printing and custom publishing. He is an avid sports fan who loves coaching and being outside with his three boys.

Matt Bird, Client Services

Matt leads the Client Services team at Prism Content Solutions. When asked what he enjoys about his job, he says, “I like the team we have in place and how we all work hard to serve our clients.” He grew up in Orlando, Florida, and even worked at Sea World a few summers — though not as a dolphin trainer! However, Matt is very experienced in client training and assistance, and he’s always happy to help.

Page Priest, Production Manager

Page keeps the Production Department running smoothly at Prism Content Solutions. She enjoys the Prism environment of embracing technology, encouraging team members’ input, and pushing for constant improvement. She has worked in the custom publishing industry for 17 years. Page is a stickler for grammar and accuracy, and she’s fantastic at Boggle.

The Prism Team


What Our Clients Say About Us

“I have encountered companies similar to Prism Content Solutions who produce calendars through a web-based program. No one really piqued my interest, due to either low quality or high costs. Prism was working with a community we recently acquired and was putting out a fantastic product. We have worked together to create a package that will be a quality product for members and prospects while also maintaining costs. I think taking this step is critical for marketing and what we are presenting about ourselves to the public. I would recommend Prism to anyone interested in an easy, professional way to share events and other content.”

— Kelly S., Vice President of Member Services

Retirement Communities