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May 25

HOG Day Service Project

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On Saturday, April 30, members of the Prism Content Solutions team (aka “The Prismers”) joined over 7000 volunteers across Greenville, S.C., for the community’s annual Hands On Greenville Day. Known colloquially as “HOG Day,” this event was a chance for area residents to participate in the nearly 300 local service projects that took place that date.

Scooping and shoveling

The Prismers Team was assigned to spread a fresh batch of cedar chips over a public dog park downtown. Our group of 11 included employees as well as some family members we’d lured over with promises of free food at the after-party. Armed with rakes, pitchforks and wheelbarrows, we set to work spreading the mulch.

Kristen’s a little dramatic

More at home in a traditional office environment, most of The Prismers are admittedly unaccustomed to such manual labor. Still, the task was completed with minimal complaining, though there was maximum sweating.

Matt’s pitchfork skills

With another successful HOG Day behind us, we look forward to future service projects, and hope the dogs at Cleveland Park enjoy their spruced-up play area.


Mission accomplished!