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Nov 8

Wow – I Want That! Branding in the Digital Age

Category: Strategies

Your brand needs to stand out. It has to be different, memorable, engaging … a message that motivates your customers with easy buying decisions: “YES! We want to contact this company today!”

Strategic brand identity is the art of moving customers to a place where they trust you and your business. As they shop, customers compare brands, but are they likely to place you in their competitive set? Taking the logic a step further – are you simply one of their options, or are you the standard?

If you attract your audience with a brand promise that speaks to their core philosophy, you will both surprise and delight them. And when you do this, your company will be noticed. Customers then become your brand champions.

So … how do you engage prospects and customers in a way that makes them stand up and say, “Wow – I want that!”? Here are three simple steps:

  1. Invest in your audience. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Deeply understand your best customers, and then ask yourself how your business is uniquely capable of filling their needs. Focus on delivering a delightful experience to these best customers, and more are sure to come your way.

  2. Be consistent. Branding and marketing are tied together, and the one thing they have in common is the need for consistency. Today’s wide range of communications must be unified though a comprehensive approach to type, color, imagery and design. Once these elements are in place, move forward, step back and evaluate, and then proceed. Today’s brand management is a dynamic process that requires active participation.

  3. Do something unexpected. Show investment and personality by doing something above-and-beyond in a way that is useful and effective. Let your personality come through in your messaging and graphics; by showing a “softer side,” you’ll create a stronger connection with your audience. And a strong connection means a stronger brand.

Finally, remember that no branding strategy succeeds overnight, and changes in strategy (because you learned this or that just yesterday) amounts to no strategy at all. So while you want to engage those inside and outside your organization, you also need to have conviction in – and the strength to stay with – a branding strategy long enough to see how it will perform.