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Jul 12

Quick & Inexpensive Digital Marketing Tips

Category: Content

marketingAnything worth having takes effort, and digital marketing is no exception. Smart marketers aren’t investing in more content, though; they’re finding ways to better connect with the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

Modern consumers face a deluge of content – from the minute they wake up until they fall asleep at night. More often than not, that content is delivered via the Internet… and sheer mass quantities are not cutting it. Customers are increasingly savvy and want to be attracted and engaged. Your job? To take a leadership position and show them things they may not have thought of before. As Henry Ford said, “If I listened to my customers, we’d still be riding horses.”

Build trust, engagement and relationships by creating something so interesting people didn’t even know they were looking for it. Put your customers in the mindset of how you could enrich their lives:

  1. Be consistent — Your digital marketing strategy will be more successful if you are consistent. Set a target each week, and stick to it!
  2. Collaborate — Use your network to get help. If you have a team working within your business, consider spreading the responsibility. This allows people to become more engaged within the company.
  3. Stay professional — Stay professional and on brand. Think about the topics and interests that will be most relevant for you. What have your competitors done? Are there industry examples that can be tweaked to suit your needs? Don’t forget to ask your audience for their suggestions and contributions.
  4. Stay Humble — It’s NOT possible to be an overnight success in the digital world. Stay motivated and keep going, even if it feels as though no one is paying attention. Experience will help you gain traction and build momentum.