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Sep 18

Effective Print Marketing

Category: Print, Products, Strategies

Successful marketers learn early on that buying begins in the mind. The first hurdle: Get your prospect’s attention. From there, your goal is to convince your audience you can satisfy their specific needs. The next hurdle? Time! On average, your future client might look at your promotional material maybe two seconds before moving on to something else.

Just like you and and pretty much everyone else, your prospective clients are short on time. Think about your reader’s perspective: He or she may not want your product or service (at least, not yet!), and this person isn’t eager to give you any of his or her hard-earned money.

These days, electronic communication — e-newsletters, social media, digital signage — is a popular and effective way to tell others what your business can do for them. However, there is a significant value in reinforcing your message with print products. By directing your content along multiple avenues — i.e., mailing print versions of your HTML newsletter or distributing hard-copy fliers of an upcoming event you’ve also posted on Facebook — you increase the likelihood your message will 1) be received, and 2) make an impact.

But isn’t print obsolete? Not at all. Mail is actually invited into a home or business better than any other marketing medium. Ninety-eight percent of consumers bring in their mail on the day it’s delivered, and 77% sort through it immediately. Print newsletters offer easy reading, and customers can keep them for future reads during their “down time.”

Magnifying your message by broadcasting it in print as well as online doesn’t mean you have to do twice the work. With the right content management partners, businesses find they can easily repurpose images, articles and events with minimal effort on their part. Often, that extra effort involves just the click of a button! The payoff? Additional platforms for sharing your content, which build upon each other to strengthen your brand.

Jun 27

Print or Digital?

Category: Mass Communication, Products

As you develop your content marketing strategy, you eventually have to make the call: Digital or print?

“Print?” you may ask. “People still do that?” (The answer, of course, is yes, though that landscape has changed.) However, digital media, while seemingly faster and cheaper, has its own set of challenges. (“Look! We can set up a company Facebook page for free! But … how do we manage it?”)

OK, so, what do you do? Think about these three points.

  1. Content: What is your content? If it’s long-form text, print may be best. For small “bites” of information, like a timely image or an event notification, digital could work well.
  2. Audience: Who are you trying to reach? If your audience is tech-savvy (read: younger), digital is pretty standard. But if your audience is older, or if you just sense they are “old school,” print can make a stronger impression.
  3. Goal: What do you want to achieve? Do you want to keep your audience updated on the more time-sensitive goings-on of your business? Digital, with its faster turnaround, is key. However, in this age of distraction, people sometimes experience “information overload” and begin to tune out electronic media. That’s when something like a physical postcard or newsletter can create the real connection you want.


If you’re still not sure which avenue is best, then … try both! Repurpose the same content in both a print and digital format. With the right content management tools and a well-planned strategy, this can be done quickly and easily. The more channels you have, the more people you reach.