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May 25

HOG Day Service Project

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On Saturday, April 30, members of the Prism Content Solutions team (aka “The Prismers”) joined over 7000 volunteers across Greenville, S.C., for the community’s annual Hands On Greenville Day. Known colloquially as “HOG Day,” this event was a chance for area residents to participate in the nearly 300 local service projects that took place that date.

Scooping and shoveling

The Prismers Team was assigned to spread a fresh batch of cedar chips over a public dog park downtown. Our group of 11 included employees as well as some family members we’d lured over with promises of free food at the after-party. Armed with rakes, pitchforks and wheelbarrows, we set to work spreading the mulch.

Kristen’s a little dramatic

More at home in a traditional office environment, most of The Prismers are admittedly unaccustomed to such manual labor. Still, the task was completed with minimal complaining, though there was maximum sweating.

Matt’s pitchfork skills

With another successful HOG Day behind us, we look forward to future service projects, and hope the dogs at Cleveland Park enjoy their spruced-up play area.


Mission accomplished!
May 4

What Is Effective Content Marketing?

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So you’ve been hearing this word: content. The phrase “content strategy” keeps popping up. Is this the latest trendy marketing jargon, or is there something to it?

What is content, anyway?

Content is a message you want to share. It can be written or spoken words, an image, a video — even an idea.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is sharing useful information with prospective clients. You could describe a content marketing strategy as an “indirect ad campaign.”

It’s different from straight-up advertising in that it’s not a blatant invitation to buy something. Rather, content marketing provides a little insight about a product or service while the audience (ideally) perceives less pressure to buy.

What is good — i.e., effective — content marketing?

Good content marketing attracts potential clients;  really good content marketing transforms potential clients into new ones. It happens all the time:

  • A retirement community shares an article about their successful Memorial Day Barbecue. This cheerful story spurs a reader to consider that particular retirement home for their loved one.
  • A retailer describes an upcoming free in-store event in their e-newsletter. Extra details, like the mention of complimentary snacks, convince readers to attend, increasing traffic to the store — and increasing sales.
  • An apartment community posts photos of their residents’ volunteer service project on their Facebook page. These images of fellowship inspire a prospective tenant to choose that community over the community’s competitor, which hasn’t shared content to stand out from the rest.


Check back soon to learn ways to create your own interesting and valuable content to promote your business.

Apr 18

Our Goal: To Be Your Resource

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Thanks for checking out our new blog. Our goal is to be a resource for anyone looking for innovative ways to effectively share content.

Prism’s specialty is helping businesses communicate site-specific, time-sensitive information. So we’ll be focusing our posts, hints and tips on ways to help you do just that.

If you’re already familiar with our company, you may notice our updated logo and overall new look. At Prism, we’re always working to make our products and services better. This philosophy of constant improvement inspired us to refresh our appearance. We hope it reflects the driven, forward-thinking and fun company we are!

Please visit again soon for some fresh ideas on content-sharing solutions.

The Team at Prism Content Solutions