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Feb 25

3 LUCKY Steps to Creating Content People Love to Read

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In the not-so-distant past, families spent hours with the evening paper and read magazines cover to cover. But these days, attention spans are short. People like to engage in many things at once; in fact, your reader will look at your message an average of two seconds before moving on to something else. For better or worse, this has changed not only what people read, but how they read it.

How many times have you found an interesting article and marked it as something to “come back to” later? Whatever the reason, you never did. Maybe it was too long, or too busy-looking, or you just didn’t have the time. Follow these 3 steps to creating great content – and avoid the not-so-lucky “come back to” issue:

  1. Good content is personal. The best content is clear, concise, well-written and fluff-free. Convey to your audience the things that make you unique and worth listening to, but forget everything you learned in high school English. You’re not trying to win awards or get an “A”; you’re trying to be real. Write something that makes a point so that it is worth reading.
  2. Good content is actionable. The best content gives users a sense of how to apply your information. Leave your readers with questions – not by offering incomplete information, but by including material that causes the reader to reflect. People pick up non-fiction to learn how to become better or more engaged. Help your readers do the same.
  3. Good content is snappy. Accept that people scan articles rather than reading them in detail and work with this reality rather than fighting it. Structure your paragraphs in inverted pyramids: state your conclusion first, then support it with sentences that follow. This helps readers move easily from point to point and decide where they’d like to dive in more deeply. Or, use bulleted lists with bold headings. Bullet points make things “friendlier.” For skimmers and browsers, it makes content easier to read. For scrutinizers, bullets afford them more time to do so.


This stuff really works!

See?! You got to the end of this piece. Incorporate these tips into your writing, and people will read your material and engage in your content. It’s not just the words you write – it’s how they look and where you put them. Good luck!