Traditional Content
Management Strategy

Often, as businesses broaden their marketing strategies to include print materials, e-publications and social media, employees must duplicate the content entry process by submitting information to multiple sources.

The Prism Program

Prism’s unique content marketing program saves time and improves efficiency.

Clients enter time-sensitive events, articles, images and more in a central database. Then Prism produces a variety of customized, professional-quality deliverables.


Traditional Content
Management Strategy

  • Inefficient and labor-intensive.
  • High likelihood for inconsistencies.
  • No central content filtering.
  • Limited brand control.
  • Potential for unprofessional messaging.
  • Difficult to enforce corporate standards.

The Prism Program
  • Stores content preferences.
  • Enables corporate standardization.
  • Provides a single point of submission.
Prism Content Services include:
  • Copy editing
  • Content screening
  • Editorial and graphic library
Prism Creative Services include:
  • Professional graphic design
  • Layout and formatting